WSOA online pool booking

WSOA online pool booking

Special Considerations regarding pool bookings

– a time slot may be booked for 1 hour- a time slot can be booked for the current day and the next 2 days
-the system will allow a family to book 2 time slots in one day,
HOWEVER, to allow an opportunity for all to enjoy the pool, please refrain from booking consecutive time slots in advance. This second booking function is only to be used if, while you are at the pool, you check the website and the time slot right after yours is free. For example, if I booked 12:00-1:00 in advance and while at the pool I check the website at 12:30 and the booking tool indicates that the timeslot from 1:00-2:00 is free, I can book that time and stay until 2:00.
-bring your confirmation of online booking with you to the pool

2. WSOA pool rules
Pool staff and volunteers will be monitoring the adherence to the following rules. Please be respectful while they enforce these regulations.

  • Pool hours 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM (no adult swim at this time)
  • Each family has one hour in the pool area
  • Only 4 families at a time up to a maximum of 25 people in the pool enclosure
  • there are four sitting areas with 2 chairs and a chaise lounge. Chairs need to be cleaned before a new family enters the area. If you would like to bring your own chairs, you are welcome to do so
  • One Entrance through the normal gate
  • One Exit out the side gate
  • Families are required to sign in when they arrive at the pool gate. This is for tracing purposes, as well as to reconcile the online booking tool with the attendance records
  • Swimmers are restricted to enter from the shallow end, the right side (concrete only) and the deep end
  • Spacing in the pool is 2 metres except for family members
  • Spacing on deck is 2 metres except for family members
  • Respect the pool staff 

3. Adult pool volunteer duties
The COVID requirements to open the pool have increased the need for cleaning and supervision in the pool and the surrounding area. Young people in our community are assisting, but could benefit from adult support and assistance. If you are able to help out a few hours a week with the following duties, it would be greatly appreciated. Tasks include, but are not limited to:
-greeting community members at the pool and providing instruction on the sanitization processes required prior to entering-reminding people to sign in-supervising the social distancing rules as outlined above
-wiping down chairs between pool visitors-cleaning washroom
If you are interested, please email Andre, the pool director at

To access the online booking tool, click the link:

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