WSOA vandalism, theft and door knocking. Be vigilant!

WSOA vandalism, theft and door knocking. Be vigilant!
The community executives have received numerous reports of theft, disturbing the peace and vandalism. Most recently on July 16th, there was money stolen from a car at 6845 Suncrest Drive and a light pillar was damaged due to rocks being thrown to break the glass at 6637 Woodstream. Multiple homes are being disturbed by late night doorbell ringing and knocking.
These pictures were captured on June 9th from a homeowner’s security camera. Occurrences continue and increase on the weekends. If this is your child in these photos, please have a discussion with him and his friends about respecting the privacy of others and the potential criminal consequences that can arise from complaints of disturbing the piece. Share these photos with him and let him know that people are watching and that technology is active in our community. If this is not your child, but you have children, please speak with them about these issues and pay attention of their whereabouts, especially in the evenings.
If you are a victim of a crime, report it to the police. You can also visit  the web site to consult the current crime chart to determine if similar incident happened in other adjoining communities.



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